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GENTEX Mirror- '05 Frontier

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Wanting to install new Gentex mirror in '05 Frontier SE. Mirror has temp, fade and compass. Wanting to know if anyone has installed one of these and how easy is it to install?
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The SAT antenna shouldn't be a problem, they are probably concerned about emissions from the cell antenna, and being as the SAT is recieve only, there are no emissions! Cell phones, on the other hand transmit and recieve! The transmission probably creates a bit of a magnetic field that will mess with the compass reading!
They don't advertise thier price on line, you have to call and get the name of a local dealer. I recommend you visit RevernedBiker's website and contact the vendor he purchased his from. I've heard he has the best prices. The Rev's home page is
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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