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Gen 2 headlight enclosure: Nissan vs Aftermarket

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A nincompoop backed into my barely 1 yr old truck on Memorial affected my hood, plastic bumper/fascia below headlight, driver's side fender & headlight enclosure. His American Family Ins Adjuster is coming tomorrow morning to survey the damage/costs. I requested Nissan parts, but he so far sounds adamant about using aftermarket parts.

I'm most concerned about whether an aftermarket headlight enclosure will age the same as a genuine Nissan headlight enclosure. Any opinions out there?

I'll do some proper CF searches later tonight, but felt I needed to get some opinions in the mean time.

My bodyshop guy thinks the repair will be in the ~$3000+ range, fwiw.
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Sorry for the damage to your truck, sounds like they continued to try to move after hitting a immoveable object, or backing up way too fast. I think it's awesome mandatory backup cameras on all vehicles built after 2018 is great. Sure it's going to be another 20-30yrs before everybody is driving a vehicle made after 2018. I still have a hard time remembering to use it in our newer car, unless I'm backing up to something and want to see how close I can get.

You need to be made whole, so all parts should be OEM. And don't forget about possible diminished value.
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