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Gen 2 headlight enclosure: Nissan vs Aftermarket

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A nincompoop backed into my barely 1 yr old truck on Memorial affected my hood, plastic bumper/fascia below headlight, driver's side fender & headlight enclosure. His American Family Ins Adjuster is coming tomorrow morning to survey the damage/costs. I requested Nissan parts, but he so far sounds adamant about using aftermarket parts.

I'm most concerned about whether an aftermarket headlight enclosure will age the same as a genuine Nissan headlight enclosure. Any opinions out there?

I'll do some proper CF searches later tonight, but felt I needed to get some opinions in the mean time.

My bodyshop guy thinks the repair will be in the ~$3000+ range, fwiw.
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You are legally allowed to demand OEM parts, do it and don't back down. They can't do anything about it and are trying to make a sucker out of you by paying out less than they should.
I did some digging, and it seems to vary state to state, and company to company. But every thing I found indicated that the policy holder is required to consent to non-OEM, and that the push for aftermarket and junkyard parts is a massive headache everywhere.

But you have to look at it from your insurance company (and possibly title holder if you have a loan) perspective, your car will have diminished value with non-OEM parts and therefore you must also receive a check for diminished value calculation.

Just demand OEM parts and see what they do. IMO, the best way to do it is to call your insurer and ask them since they will be more honest with you than the insurer of the person who hit you, and they will have the laws specific to your state in front of them.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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