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Gen 2 headlight enclosure: Nissan vs Aftermarket

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A nincompoop backed into my barely 1 yr old truck on Memorial affected my hood, plastic bumper/fascia below headlight, driver's side fender & headlight enclosure. His American Family Ins Adjuster is coming tomorrow morning to survey the damage/costs. I requested Nissan parts, but he so far sounds adamant about using aftermarket parts.

I'm most concerned about whether an aftermarket headlight enclosure will age the same as a genuine Nissan headlight enclosure. Any opinions out there?

I'll do some proper CF searches later tonight, but felt I needed to get some opinions in the mean time.

My bodyshop guy thinks the repair will be in the ~$3000+ range, fwiw.
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You are legally allowed to demand OEM parts, do it and don't back down. They can't do anything about it and are trying to make a sucker out of you by paying out less than they should.
I hope this is correct...but is the insurance company then obligated to do so?
Adjuster 'claims' the parts are Nissan in origin, but bought in mass by a distributor.
Using my State Farm insurance would involve/require my deductible...and it is clearly stated w/in my policy that they/SF can use aftermarket parts as well. My body shop guy is a friend and on my I'll get the straight scoop as this laborious process continues to evolve. They can't even get me in until the 20th.

Long story short: found damage on my truck the day after Memorial Day and retraced all the places I had been recently publicly parked. My analysis of the damage pointed to a taller vehicle since damage was from just below headlight up to the corner of the hood w/ a small wrinkle in the fender, too. Confronted a Jeep owner who thankfully chose to fess up that he had indeed backed into my truck. No damage to his vehicle since it was the rear mounted spare tire that had essentially kissed the front corner -> which pushed in my headlight about 1", but w/o even a scuff on it. The top headlight enclosure attachment brackets show that the outer is split while the inner is twisted.
Cliche I know, but this is what it is.

Still no door dings after 13 months of ownership. Geez. :serious:
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My thanks for your all's useful input. I felt like I pled my case/concerns with a calm & organized consistency. No use in having the adjuster feeling intimidated or angry.

My goal of owning/running this truck for 15+ years is still on schedule. This is just an ugly bump in the road.
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