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gear ratio for the XE 2.5L?

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I read up on some site that the gear ratio for our trucks are:
2005-2007 King Cab M/T 2.5L

2005-2007 King Cab A/T 2.5L

My question is, if I want to to put less stress on the drivetrain with 33's should I go with a larger or smaller gear ratio. Has anyone changed their gear on their truck?
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If your going to be putting 33's on, you'll want the manual 4.083 ratio. For an auto it will be a decent upgrade, if your a manual already....your kinda screwed. You want the lower (higher numerically) gear ratio for bigger tires
First off the rear ends are all dana 44's and the gears that came with the auto use the small carrier so:
You should really check out the WHAT AXLE TO I HAVE? Sticky in the Axles subforum..........all the information is already there...and correct :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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