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gear install was fun

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so we had a fun day of excitement today , but no pics haha maybe tomorrow of some of the good stuff

Crimsondukk bought the new 4.10 superior gear set and asked if i could help put them in , i told him i could tear down the axle and have a mobil diff guy come over and set up the gears

We decided to take the axle out from under the truck cause Chris's center pins on the leaf pack were all screwed to crap so the axle had to come down anyway
got the axle out , axle shafts pulled and pinion out so we had an empty housing
checked the pinion gear spline and :censor: it was the 24 spline (his truck is 2wd ) this as the diff guy shows up ready to do the install lol
so in a frenzy we called around and the pinion yoke is special order , then i remembered Greg at PRG saying that the 29 spline is the same as a D60 spline , the diff guy had a buddy with one and took the pinion gear and called us back and said it works
Chris and i went and picked up a D60 1310 u-bolt style pinion yoke , unfortunatly no driveshaft shops were open to fix the driveshaft issues because his 2wd has the cv flange and not u-joints
We came back with the flange so the diff guy could put everything together , once he got that done Chris and I went to the junkyard cause couldnt do much of anything and I needed a oil pan to do another trans pan for someone
I came up with the idea of trying to find a good driveshaft that is the same diameter that uses a 1310 u-joint
found the perfect fit , 97 Isuzu rodeo rear driveshaft , got back to the house verified that was 1310 u-joint
took the rear part of his 2 piece DS apart and cut the front portion of the driveshaft off , measured the distance for the new hybrid DS and cut the rear portion of the Isuzu ds , mated it up and perfect fit :)

now tomorrow we will get some diff fluid , check for leaks in the diff
then monday take the hybrid DS to get welded together new u-joint put and balanced
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good work man im glad you always chime in and help me out when im in a pinch you do good work :)much respect
now thats some MacGyver $hit right there!!!
wish i could change gears
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