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Gas tank buzz

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Anybody have buzzing/humming around their gas tank after truck is turned off? If so is this normal?

I've had it do it to me quite a few times and I am assuming it's from the pump. This is not the same noise you hear when you turn on the ignition and hear the pump prime.

It doesn't do it every time the truck is turned off.
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stoopid question but did you loosen/tighten the gas cap? Maybe fumes escaping? Prolly a long shot but...
could be something associated with the EVAP system if i had to guess. as long as you don't smell gas and don't have a check engine light, you should be ok. i really don't know without hearing it though
No gas smell, no check engine light.
from the title, i thought this was a thread about getting woozy from the fumes while filling up
from the title, i thought this was a thread about getting woozy from the fumes while filling up

LOL - Hey that is my problem.... I get a buzz when filling my tank
Gas tank buzzzzzzzzz

Yeah, after I fill "the Frontier" I might fill "a Bowl" OR... not , and then.......................................................Wash/clean it ....... a little to intensely...... depending....on my BUZZZZZZZZ....:hi:

On a more serious note: I did have "two hardbodies" 95-96 that sounded like.......fuel pumps or sending units were working when, i had already shut down the whole truck.(.i.e. a wuuurrring sound) right after I removed the keys?:thatswck:.....both those rigs had fuel pump issues )^:
After, I beat the "snot" out of them, for non-performance..or un~inspectable
related issues and... then I got another ONE:noworries:

Best Regards:


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Had a 90 4x4 HB did this for 15 years. Never found out what it was, never gave a problem. It would do it for no apparent reason just sitting in the drive sometime. Maybe hadn't been started for days. Worry if the tank falls off.
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