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Gas smell when getting out of my truck

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I bought my truck back in January and the past couple days are the first times it has been warm when I'm been driving it. In this warm weather, I've noticed that after exiting the truck, it smells of gas pretty strongly. I rolled around under it this evening after driving home from work but I could not figure out where it was coming from. I seemed stronger towards the front on the drivers side and I couldn't really smell anything near the gas tank. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.
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the passenger side frame is where the fuel lines are. there'll be some rubber hoses with clamps at the fuel filter (inside frame rail under the cab) and probably where they enter the engine bay
Could be gas is venting through the charcoal canister as it warms.
Look on the driveshaft side of the fuel tank for a stain. That's an indication of a sending unit O ring leaking. Mine's been doing it for years.
It's a 2001 S/C with about 111,000 miles on it. I'll check for the stain. It's weird because I smell it right as I get out the truck after driving and I immediately go around the truck and smell but nothing is there except right around the driver's door. Maybe it's venting from under the hood or something?
I know this is an old post, but it is the most similar to what I'm experiencing now. 2004 CC LB. I can't see the top of the fuel tank, even with mirrors, but don't see any stains anywhere, sides, etc, using a very bright light. And I don't smell anything around the gas tank or fuel lines, either. Just getting out of the drivers side.

Anyone have pics of where the leaks typically occur, if the tank rusts, which is another failure I've heard of?
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