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fuel sending unit

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don't have all the resources I used to have. I would like to find the electrical schematics on my 98 Frontier. Also the dealer supposedly replaced the fuel sending unit and I am still having the same problem. Fuel gauge hangs around the half tank measure on the gauge. Sometimes the gauge will register what is actually in the tank. My guess is, it's a bad connection somewhere in the harness. Older Nissans are pretty common for having problems with connectors having some deterioration.
Does anyone know of common problems with gauge, wires, or sending unit? :crikey:
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welcome to clubfrontier hope you get your prob fixed im sure someone will chime in

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Update Fuel Sending Unit

Hello All,
So I returned to the dealer because of the warranty issue on the fuel sending unit that was already "replaced." ($750) They said I must have hit a really big bump.... Right! They reset the sending unit & said all was well..... no it's not! still does the same thing, only this time I notice that the digital odometer seems to fade and then brightened. The temp gauge seemed to freak out one day, vibrating and going up and down, and still the fuel gauge does not work. I take it back to the dealer, apply some pressure and they come up with it's the PC card for the dash. Suprise! They replaced the PC card at a cost of $65, no labor, put $10 in gas cuz the tank was on empty and said everything is fine now.... NO it's not!
I noticed the odometer dimming again and now the battery light and the brake light are both on. I know the alternator is charging, going to put a meter on it to see how well. The brakes, brake fluid and E-brake are all in order, so I am thinking the lights being on are a result of the PC card again.
I have lost faith in the dealer. I am questioning that they have replaced anything. Considering contacting the BAR.
I am again considering situations I have experienced in the past with older Nissans that develop problems with connections/connectors building up corrosion inside the connector and intermittently breaking connection or causing resistence resulting in multiple problems.
Any questions or comments?
Thanks in advance
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