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Fuel pump failed. Advice on the truck?

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Well I replaced the fuel pump in my supercharged frontier with a $80 napa pump I got off eBay. I did get some water in the tank from washing the gas cans before I got the gas out to replace them and also a few bits of rust debries got in the tank. It ran like **** until I researched that any water cannot be in the tank.

Well it ran better that I put Heet to take care of the water, I also put in a can of seafoam. Well it ran for a few days went down a quarter more of a tank. Then getting on the interstate boom, battery stayed on and quit running. I had it towed back to my house. Checked for fuel pressure when trying to start, nothing, no electric hum coming from the gas tank.

The question is should I drop the tank, dump all of the gas, clean the tank completely, and replaced with a brand new pump and fuel filter? Is there also a certain pump I have to buy for the supercharged model? I still can't get the idle to run smooth. This has been shitty time with this truck. Everyone is telling me to sell the thing and buy American. I've put a lot of money into it, I love the truck I want to keep it. Any advice?

The only other truck I would buy would be a tacoma and those are rip-offs on what people ask.
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To the O.P. I question the quality of this "$80 Napa pump from EBay"

Was it a Napa brand pump that someone had and then sold to you? at that point, who knows how long the pump sat on a shelf. I've had issues with new pumps on not common vehicles before. My only assumption is the pump sat on the shelf for some time and the rubber parts dried up.

Also, water, heet and a can of sea foam, all in one tank, I'm not too surprised you are having issues.

I got a brand new pump that's not putting out the spec 45psi key on engine off/key on engine on 35psi

My pump is putting out slightly less on both and I think it might be affecting the idle. Nothing major but it has been going on since I put in the new pump a few years ago. It's a no name parts house pump.

I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a walbro pump for this truck? Can't find one for the first gen online. Wondering if anyone knows a compatible part number? Or any other good quality pump for our first gens?

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Again, no surprise a no name pump is not flowing like it should. I would get a name brand pump for your truck before messing with trying to swap in a universal of some kind.
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