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Fuel pump failed. Advice on the truck?

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Well I replaced the fuel pump in my supercharged frontier with a $80 napa pump I got off eBay. I did get some water in the tank from washing the gas cans before I got the gas out to replace them and also a few bits of rust debries got in the tank. It ran like **** until I researched that any water cannot be in the tank.

Well it ran better that I put Heet to take care of the water, I also put in a can of seafoam. Well it ran for a few days went down a quarter more of a tank. Then getting on the interstate boom, battery stayed on and quit running. I had it towed back to my house. Checked for fuel pressure when trying to start, nothing, no electric hum coming from the gas tank.

The question is should I drop the tank, dump all of the gas, clean the tank completely, and replaced with a brand new pump and fuel filter? Is there also a certain pump I have to buy for the supercharged model? I still can't get the idle to run smooth. This has been shitty time with this truck. Everyone is telling me to sell the thing and buy American. I've put a lot of money into it, I love the truck I want to keep it. Any advice?

The only other truck I would buy would be a tacoma and those are rip-offs on what people ask.
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I run a Walbro pump and no problems.


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