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Fuel pump failed. Advice on the truck?

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Well I replaced the fuel pump in my supercharged frontier with a $80 napa pump I got off eBay. I did get some water in the tank from washing the gas cans before I got the gas out to replace them and also a few bits of rust debries got in the tank. It ran like **** until I researched that any water cannot be in the tank.

Well it ran better that I put Heet to take care of the water, I also put in a can of seafoam. Well it ran for a few days went down a quarter more of a tank. Then getting on the interstate boom, battery stayed on and quit running. I had it towed back to my house. Checked for fuel pressure when trying to start, nothing, no electric hum coming from the gas tank.

The question is should I drop the tank, dump all of the gas, clean the tank completely, and replaced with a brand new pump and fuel filter? Is there also a certain pump I have to buy for the supercharged model? I still can't get the idle to run smooth. This has been shitty time with this truck. Everyone is telling me to sell the thing and buy American. I've put a lot of money into it, I love the truck I want to keep it. Any advice?

The only other truck I would buy would be a tacoma and those are rip-offs on what people ask.
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My advice, which you probably won't like:
-Remove the tank and drain the gas. Whatever residual water that was in it should drain out with the gas.
-Replace the fuel pump with a genuine Nissan fuel pump, P/N 17042-5S700 and seal 17342-01A00. Yes, I know the pump sells for about $340 online, but, it's a matter of getting what you pay for. There are some parts on Nissans that it just seems to work out best if you stick with the genuine Nissan part, or, at least a part from the OE supplier to Nissan. Those parts include fuel pumps, alternators, starters, and ignition parts. You pay more, but, how many times do you feel like pulling either the gas tank or the bed on your truck to replace the fuel pump?
-Replace the fuel filter.
-Add at least 3 gallons of gas to the tank and start her up!

Btw, these supercharged Frontiers and Xterras are a real pain in the tail, sometimes, compared to the N/A versions. The extra HP and torque is nice when it's there, but, having the power cut out due to the knock sensor triggering or a faulty boost solenoid or boost actuator stinks! Replacing plugs in wires is a royal pain! Having the supercharger bearing fail is a blow to the wallet. Replacing cracked exhaust manifolds blows! You have to really love your SC Frontier to make it all worth it!
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