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Fuel pump and sending unit

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I had my unit done under the recall last year and it started throwing the P0440 code about a week after. THe dealer refused to do anything about and wanted lots of money.....BLAH BLAH BLAH.
Now it is time for emissions and my truck won't pass with the light on, so I need to fit it.
Anyway I pulled the bed off my truck to see what was going on and I now can see the big stain on the top of tank from the leak. I broke one of the fittings on the sending unit and after checking around the whole assembly is around $280.
My question is can I just buy the sending unit piece for around $70 and swap the fuel pump over from the broken one or do I need to buy the whole assembly?
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What year is your truck? My truick has the same problem and have tried to get Nissan to pay for it. Nissan dealer said that the recall was never performed but it is too old and does not qualify. This is BS. It is a safety issue and should have nothing to do with age ( 2000 Frontier SE). Any ideas on how to pursue before doing it myself? How difficult is it to pull off the truck bed? Was your gas tank rusted?
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