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Fuel filler hole question

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I just went out to go check the size of the filler hole on the truck, and I feel like something is different. I remember there used to be a brass flap there (like in the picture I've attached). Now, though, it's just a hole. Am I imagining things or being overly paranoid? Or is something genuinely missing from my truck? Mine isn't like the picture below. It's just a hole. Nothing blocking it and I can use a flashlight and look all the way down.

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2007. I also have a 2012 Altima that didn't have one, but I swear my Frontier had a little flappy door.
I looked at my 06 one day (10 years ago?) and noticed that there was no flap. Could not say if there ever was one to begin with. I fill from jerry cans often and was afraid that I might have dislodged it. Maybe that is why I have trouble filling with gas sometimes (still think is the a clogged charcoal canister vent).

Will wait to see if any older trucks chime in.
That was my concern as well, either someone broke it siphoning fuel or I dislodged it with some fuel treatment. I'm not having any codes, though, I just thought for sure I had a little cover there. Now I'm scratching my head wondering why I thought that, because the only two vehicles I've ever owned were these two nissans and an older 89 toyota pickup.
my 2008 has the flap, but i have heard of them breaking off and falling to bottom of fuel tank.
What's the purpose of this flap and why is it so flimsy?
I have heard of the flap referred to as a roll over fuel lose preventer.
Which means?
If you roll your truck, gas doesn't slosh out the fill tube.
So out of the hundreds of problems I'll have to worry about after rolling the truck, fuel leaking out would be item number #147. That's like the least of my worries. Also, doesn't the gas cap seal the system off?
Hey I didn't come up with it. Just something I read when I was trying to figure out what the flap was for, and why new cars don't seem to have it any more.
LOL. I didn't know newer cars didn't have it. Guess mine got retrofitted.
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