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FS5W71C Manual transmission rebuild.

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Thought I would post some photos of the rebuild I did on my 5speed manual transmission. This is the first mechanical project I have ever tackled. It was intimidating considering the most complicated thing I had done up to this point was replacing the shocks and carrier bearing in my truck. With 800 bucks for tools and parts (I didn't even own a ratchet or socket set) and following the service manual to the letter I managed to take that howeling chunk of aluminium and steel, disassemble, clean and replace all the bearings,sycro rings and reassemble it.
Here is the link to all the rebuild photos


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Another good tool when rebuilding manual trannies is an electric fry pan. Use it to heat up press-on, metal parts before you install them. Heat them up for about ten minutes before you are ready to install them and they will slide right on, rather than have to hammer them onto the shaft.
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