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FS: Vision X Tantrum LED strobe pods (red) *SOLD*

From the VisionX site:

"Tantrum consists of 8, 3 watt LED pods making it the brightest LED strobe light system on the market. No more unreliable ballasts or bulbs to burn out. Weatherproof housings allows these Tantrum pods to be mounted anywhere; in headlights, undercar, wheel wells, under dash or even in a speaker box. Each kit comes with master controller, wireless remote and built in microphone. When dependability and performance are factors in your field, Tantrum is the product you want on your vehicle."

Been in my X for ~2 years, in excellent condition. Go for $119 new on Amazon. I have the remote and all hardware (pods, control box, wiring, but no mounting screws - they sucked and would not stay in so I tossed 'em and just used velcro squares), just not the original box. Here is my original thread w/ pics and vid.

Asking $75 shipped via UPS.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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