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FS: Supercrew Sound Dual 10" Enclosure w/ subs Local SoCal

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The subs are elemental designs and they're dual 2 ohm wired for a final impedence of 4 ohms. I'm asking $175.00........I think that's very resonable considering what I paid for it. The box has polyfill in it and 12 guage wiring. Box carpet is tan. Thanks for looking.............Oh and I'm located in Menifee, Ca local pick up only.
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Took some pics. If anything the price is worth it just for the subs alone. Come take this off of my hands please.


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Not going to Vegas. Any chance you're comming to SoCal anytime soon..............Bump for anyone else interested.
you could get it recarpeted or stained.
That's twice now you've been in my thread with nothing constructive to say. Please stay out of my thread. Thank you!
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