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Hey guys,

I have a FULL SET of 4 stock u-bolts that I will not be using. They are brand new, OEM, still in the packaging, never installed/used. They do NOT include the nuts/washers, which can be found for super cheap at your local hardware store (who wants to pay $2/ nut for a factory set anyway...?)

I will ship the set to anyone in the lower 48 for $40. I paid about $60 shipped for these not a month ago, but truck plans changed and now they must go.

Take advantage of this great deal! These u-bolts will work perfectly with a Deaver 2-Leaf AAL (as long as you are removing the overload leaf) and may also work with other rear lift options.

Remember! U-bolts MUST be changed out every time they are loosened/removed from the rear axle.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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