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FS: Set of 4 OEM 16" Steel Rims

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Hey Everyone,

I have up for sale 4 16" (6x4.5 bolt pattern) OEM SE Steel Rims w/ center caps. There are some very minor scratches due to the original wheel weights but that is about it. They were only on the truck for ~14k miles (8 months) and were then swapped out for the OEM Nismo Rims.

This is an ariel view of the set:

Ariel View

I have close up pics of the rims also and these are the links to them:
Rim 1: Steel Rims/Steel_Wheel_1.jpg
Rim 2: Steel Rims/Steel_Wheel_2.jpg
Rim 3: Steel Rims/Steel_Wheel_2.jpg
Rim 4: Steel Rims/Steel_Wheel_4.jpg

These would work great as an extra set of rims for either offroad or snow tires.

Offroad Use: These rims would allow you to keep a set of M/Ts or A/Ts or Siped tires so you don't wear thru them on the street since everyone know, tires are expensive and you don't always go offroading every day.

Snow Use: These rims would allow you to run a set of snow dedicated tires during the winter and a set of regular tires during the summer months. Some people believe in a set of A/Ts for year-round use but a dedicated set of snow tires will do wonders compared to the A/Ts.

Just an FYI: These are the only steel rims that have been confirmed to fit our trucks without requiring adapters.

I am putting the set (4 rims total) up for sale for $200 plus shipping.

The rims have been individually boxed. The boxes are 19x19x9 inches and weigh 36 lbs each.

They will be shipping from area code 32940 with either USPS, UPS or FedEx.

If you PM me your zip, I can get a specific quote. Also, if you are semi-local (Melbourne/Daytona/Orlando/Tampa/NewPortRichey) we may be able to work out a road trip.

If you have any questions, please either post them or PM me and I will try and answer them.


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how many years have these been for sale? :rofl:

I still got one up in the attic hehe
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