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$150 shipped.

Yeah, yeah, I know. This a long shot on here, but it's still worth a shot. Some of you actually work on things other than Nissans. On the offchance that those of you who meet that description need some parts, I'm posting these up.

What are they? Freshly hot tanked and balanced stock SBC (that's Small Block Chevy) rods fitted with brand new Sealed Power cast hypereutectic pistons. The pistons are for a 350 block bored .030 over, have coated skirts and a flat top, probably just like your girlfriend. Stock rod bolts installed. Eight balanced rods, eight pistons (installed on the rods), eight wrist pins, 16 rod bolts with nuts is what you get.

I am selling these because I bought the wrong pistons and discovered it after the machine shop mounted them to the rods (press-fit pins) and they poked out the top of my block by a quarter inch. You would have thought that the machine shop could have told me this (they knew I am building a 383) before pressing the pins in, but I guess that was too much to ask for. I have since bought new 400 rods (5.565") and now need to buy another set of pistons to fit on to my new rods. No, I can't remove these pistons because I run the risk of damaging them, so I'd rather just sell these for what it will cost for a new set of pistons.

I am open to a trade. I need a set of SBC 350, flat top, press fit pistons - the exact ones mounted to these rods would be ideal. That's what I'm going to buy once I sell these a trade just saves me the hassle. Does not come with rings.

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