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FS: Rockford Fosgate Head Unit

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This is the stock Rockford Fosgate for model years 2005 +. It is a double din size. This will work with the stock wiring harness, but requires the RF amp and wiring to run on S and X models with the non RF head unit.

I am asking $100 or $100 + Shipping.

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Are you selling the amp with it too? With more $? If not, do you know if any amp will work.
I am not selling the amp with it. Without the RF amp or another amp it will not work.
does it have sunbwoofer out or no?
does it have sunbwoofer out or no?
I have the sub if he's not selling it... also I will sell the amp if someone can tell me where it is
I might be interested. I def. need an amp to make the head unit work? It won't plug and play with regular head unit?
This head unit has been sold.
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