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FS: Radflo Rear Emulsion Shocks

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SOLD: Radflo Rear Emulsion Shocks

Selling Radflo Rear Emulsion Shocks. Asking $200 shipped in the lower 48. Good for 0-3" of lift

Extended length: 22.75"
Compressed: 14.75"

Sprayed red because a nice shock deserves a nice paint job

Or buy them new for $400 at

Note: I am cross-posting from This is a fine website, but I just joined to try to sell these shocks. I'd like to personally thank members for important mods such as the Poor Man's Airbox Mod and the Anytime Locker Mod, both of which I've done to my 2007 Xterra.
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These are completely rebuildable and in the words of Greg at PRG: "The best shocks you can buy
With all do respect to Greg, they are not hardly the best shocks you can buy.
Actually if you read his discription, he says it is the"best riding shock currently available".
Not the best shock you can buy.
An emulsion shock does not separate the oil from the nitrogen.Ok for street use and maybe non challenging low speed crawling.
Bilstein 5100 are not a emulsion shock. It utilizes IFP, internal floating piston which separates the oil from the nitrogen.
The Radflo are rebuildable and can be tuned,plus you can adjust the nitrogen pressure.Also the lower shockends are heimed.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts