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fs: PRG 3'' lift spacer kit / Deaver 2'' add-a-leaf / 2'' wheel spacers

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PRG 3'' front lift spacer kit with bump stops (new never installed)

Deaver 2'' add-a-leaf (new never installed)

$130 or will trade for 1'' spacers
two 2'' wheel spacers but only have 6 lug nuts.(used, hub centric)

free fedex shipping to cont. US

or buy it all $380


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Payment: PayPal Only

sorry forgot that in the OP.

PayPal Only.
not to be a dick, but why do you only have 2 spacer/adapters? ive seen a couple people run that setup... just curious, and you get a free bump!
i bought a set of 4 - 2'' spacers and have 2 of them on the rear. cst spindles push the wheels out 1'' and putting on the 2'' spacers on the front cause major rub on the inners. so im will to trade for 1'' spacers or sell them outright.
deavers pending........
Are the deavers sill for sale? Interested in getting them
waiting for payment. your second in line.
DEAVERS.......SOLD! :)

sorry malleusdei321. :(
wheel spacers..........pending payment
wheel spacers......SOLD! :)
front lift spacers......pending payment.
front lift spacers......SOLD!

its all GONE! :)

please close thread
1 - 10 of 16 Posts