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You guys have been great to deal with on the forums, if there's anyone in need of a killer cool smartphone, here ya go!

I have two of these phones. I got two on an upgrade with verizon then switched carriers, it was mess. I lent one to a friend of mine, he recently just signed up for sprint and got the sprint version of this phone (hero) and handed this phone back to me.

HTC Mobile Phones - DROID ERIS Verizon - Overview

It's been and still is a great phone overall, what makes its the amazingness of a phone that it is is the Android OS, all same functions of the moto droid, better camera, very acceptable battery life, etc.. it's overall condition is not far from brand new. Just a little paint wear on the earpiece and that's about it, looks great other than that and that is hardly noticeable. Comes with original box, cable, charger, etc...

I can provision the phone for either Alltel or Verizon wireless for you, possibly sprint, I'll have to look into that and see if I can get the login information for their 3G service.

I have also upgraded it to the OS 2.1 that hasn't been released for this phone yet. Exact same OS that is on newer future releases.

$245/make offer

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks
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