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Well, I already threw this on Craigslist, but I figure since I had truck related plans for it, and all proceeds are going to truck related toys...maybe someone here might be interested, or know someone that is. I got this a couple years ago, took it on a few trips but have only actually used it a few times. I thought about attaching it to the truck for some mudding and tail riding, plus it makes for a good small camera to bring along on trips...

GoPro for sale with all sorts of extras...more extras than you can shake a selfie stick at! Which is convenient, since it comes with one... Comes with three batteries, dual charger (charge two while you're using the third!), 32GB high-speed memory card with adaptor, head and chest harness, medium to large dog harness, waterproof housing with all three backs (open...not waterproof, thin...semi-waterproof but still access the back touchscreen, thick...fully waterproof), flat and curved adhesive attachments, suction cup attachment, floating yellow handle, selfie stick, wires and even a waterproof case with foam inserts to hold your gear on various outings. Everything is still in amazing condition, even the adhesive attachments have never been used. Asking $400 for entire set... flexible. Selling as a set, not looking to piece it out.


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