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I've decided to go a different route and get rock rails instead of the running boards. I was actually really happy with the way these turned out for my Frontier since you cannot buy a kit for our truck using these boards. I did my homework and put in time to find the right brackets and board length. These raptor style boards have a slight taper and can me mounted either way.
These came off a 2018 Frontier CC but should fit 2009 and up CC. I can take measurements between studs if needed.
These boards were used about a year and are in great shape. There are no dents/dings anywhere and only minor rock chips on the underside. There is a small section when the powder is peeling and I've included a picture of it. I've tried to be as detailed as possible in showing pics and the actually condition.
I paid over $650 for all of the parts included. I just want to see these used again as I love the setup.
Parts: boards, brackets, all nuts/washers
Local pickup as these would be difficult to ship. 20 minutes North of Denver, CO.
SOLD SOLD SOLD.... Thanks everyone. Still available for questions
I reduced the pics here but they still came out big. If there is a leaner way to do the post with thumbnails vs full images please let me know. I don't post much so still learning. Please let me know of any questions.

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