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FS: 2007 Frontier 4x4 CC LE

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I have decided to sell my Frontier. Its a 2007 LE CC 4x4 Dark Grey with 42k Miles. Super Super clean truck, interior and exterior are in great shape. I bought it last October and I really just need something bigger, looking at a 06' F150. It it all stock plus a billet grille. I do have a 3'' leveling kit from ADF that has never been intaslled (sitting in a box on back seat) that goes with the truck. I also just had the timing chain replaced @ 40k miles and have all of the paperwork to prove it. Im asking $22,500 for the truck. I will get some pictures up here as soon as possible.
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some pictures would probably help, but honestly i think you are asking too much for the truck, but good luck all the same
I tried to take pictures a little while ago but its raining and snowing out right now. Im gonna pull it inside and clean it up and then I will post some pictures of it. As for the asking price, im not stuck on $22,500 but thats what NADA is on it.
little bit high there.. I just purchased an 08 LE CC from a dealer with 15K miles and 100K warranty incl for 20K out the door. Drop it by 3-4K and it may sell. Also, if you are selling something always a good idea to post some pics...

Best of luck!
I didnt really know where to start so I checked NADA and went from there. Like i said, im not stuck on $22,500. Should have some pictures posted pretty soon.
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