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FS: 2006 Nismo 6spd King 21k miles $17,500 make offer!

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Hi all- much as I've loved this truck I have a trailer now that is too large for it to tow so I bought a larger diesel truck :(

I'm sad to see it go as it's been my favorite truck ever, but I just don't need it anymore.
The 6spd is great and I had to wait a long time to find it- I get ~18mpg and added the factory tow hitch.
Pix below- I just put it on craigslist and am asking 17.5k but feel free to make me an offer :)


Link to pix:
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not to be a party pooper but i dont see you getting that much
That's fine :) That's what dealers are asking around here- I would expect a private party sale to be a bit less- I'm open to all offers :)
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