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FS> 2.5 Saws

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Ext. Res. with around 5,000 miles. Good Condition, might need a nitro fill. Meant for 2WD TITAN SWAP only. Asking for $550 + Shipping. SUPER CHEAP FOR THOSE 2WD TITAN SWAPPERS. Had 4 people in line ($600 shipped) for these before i found out that they were meant for 2wd titan swap. Missing Lower Mis-Alignment spacers. Greg can hook you up or call Sway-a-way. Spring rate is 550#s.

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Why can they only be used on 2wd?
Why can they only be used on 2wd?
greg said the 4x4 saws need to be mounted body side down so the spring perch can clear the axel

after looking at it, it looks like it could fit the way his are but you have to try to find out. wont be able to sdjust the spring out of the way tho
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Yup ^

Sorry mike.

If it doesn't sell on here or the xterra site within 2 weeks, i'm posting this on Ebay for $600.
man I wish I had some money. :(

man I wish I had some money. :(

Yeah, i think these are about $1,000 and the 4wd version listed on gregs site is $1100

So for almost half the price barely used, somebody will get a good deal.
where in ca are u located?
Eureka, CA

The package will weigh 40#s and will be shipped by fedex since they have the best prices.
Just got word from Greg, that these can be used on a Fabtech/Calmini with a little tuning/modification from him.

2WD Drop Bracket
And 2WD Titan Swap
I think CST spindle lift too.
Ah Screbeing patient. $550. Cheap! Usually used 2.5 goes for $750? Great deal!
Good Deal
i have 4x4 saws. mounted body side up.
But those are specifically made for Calmini, right? Either way, these are ext. Res.
I'm sure if you moved the bottom mount on the lower control arm a little to the side, it would be able to clear the axle for the 4x4 users. I know a local that would do this for $100, so i might just do this... hmmm.
Don't you think?
Can these be thrown onto a completly stock suspension? All I have is a 3inch spacer..

Either a titan swap or a long travel in the future but not at the moment

how much do these lift it?
No, he didn't tell me why though. I was going to do a 4" lift with these, i'm not sure how high you can go with these either. If you contact Greg, i'm sure he'll let you know. [email protected]. Just let him know that their Brian's SAWs that only fit 2wd.

E-mail: Update from Sway-A-Way, regarding to clearance of 4wd axle.

There are a couple of ways to change the lower part of the shocks for clearance.
We have a raised spring seat (+.75") that should clear the axle.
56081-006 --retails at $35 ea.
Another way is to swap the lower rod end to a +1" longer o ne, and de-stroke the shock by 1".


Will forward this to Greg to see if he has already attempted this.
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