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This hatch was purchased two years ago with intentions of turning it into a track-on setup. Drove it home, and with the exception of the tires a few blemishes, this was a problem-free car. I quickly fixed two (very) small rust spots, so this is a rust-free starter to boot. (FYI - two quarter-sized spot on the 'towers, and a 2x1" portion on the D/S fender well).

Car had roughly 214k on it - motor swept the tach easily and transmission (5spd) was butter smooth. Car drove straight, tracked straight, and no indications of any (serious) damage. The *only* damage was the p/s fender and pop-up light cover was busted up. All cosmetic.

From then until now I set out completely stripping the car. Important note: all parts, with the exception of seatbelts and a few rear interior pieces, have been kept, and are included. Engine was tore down (to block/head) - every single nut, bolt, small part will come bagged and labeled!

Extras included:
-spare DE block I intended to use as a spare
-spare 5spd, known working pull (one of my prior projects)
-intake manifold that I tapped/plugged the breather-return ports on, ground down casting marks, repainted. Excellent as a starter KA-T mani.
-additional (cut) DE harness included

Car details:
-1991 - clean title, still in prior owners name (I have a sale receipt I can provide you). Just kept putting it off, and here I am now. Completely legit.
-SE, power windows, locks, moonroof
-black interior, uncracked dash
-drove it home(ran perfect)
-7-spoke alloys

-as mentioned, interior is nearly completely gutted (door panels have been UNTOUCHED).
-began removing sound dead. from drivers-side.
-front bumper/fenders removed
-partially stitch-welded engine bay
-battery tray removed + welded shut
-Began removing sound deadener from driver/pass. area.
-firewall harness ports welded shut - intended to put custom connectors here
This is basically a HUGE jump start on a great project. Most of the hard work has been done.

Located near 17225 - no delivery, no partout (as of now), must take it all. You arrange pickup (a good 14-16' car hauler at least). Chassis is rolling, but steering column removed. MAKE AN OFFER ON IT ALL. Contact via PM/email on NICO for phone #, etc. If you're interested in a part-out, post it here, and I'll consider it as time goes on. I'm selling with intentions of getting rid of it, not making a billion trips to the post office!) :biggrin

Pictures are from various stages of tear-down. If you want 100% recent pictures, I'll take them upon request (car was stored under car port, under car cover over the winter)

Right after bringing it home:

Before I started tearing down:

Prior to stitching/etc:

Harness of course has since been removed:

Before closing it up:

Tacked in place:

PRIOR to welding:

Frame rail stitched:
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