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Frontyfan's Frontier Update Alcans are in

Username: Frontyfan
Year: 2005
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier Crew Cab
Trim: 4x4 SE
Color: Silver

*Pioneer In Dash DVD (with ipod interface)
*Garmin Navigation Dock w/ Garmin Nuvi
*Scanguage II
*Two MTX 10s and Box For Under Rear Seats
*Fosgate Amp
* Switches
*Factory 4-Slot Switch Panel (P/N 25412MA - CARRIER-SW ASSY)
*CB Radio

*UWS Tool Box (black)
*Airflow Snorkel
*Factory Fogs
*PIAA 540s
*Ramsey Patriot 9500 UT Winch w/ wireless controls (broken)
*Keypad Entry System
*Vent Visors
*Tailgate De-Badged
*Mud Flaps Removed
*Shrockworks 3/4" Clevis Shackles
*Boyo Rear Back-Up Camera
*NFab Spare Tire Carrier
*Cut and reshaped all four fenders
*Train Horns from

*M226 w/ E-Locker Axle Swap (on my 2nd one now, first one got bent)
*M205 Front diff
*Titan Axle Shafts

Suspension & Tires:
*Calmini 5" DB kit (only the DB and Spindles are left)
*PRG Titan UCAs
*Stock Titan LCAs painted silver
*Radflo 2.5" Coilovers
*Big-O Tire's 35s
*1.5" wheel adapters
*Alcan 6" Leaf Packs
*SS Extended Brake Lines
*PRG Tierod Extensions

*Shrockworks Sliders
*Shrockworks Front Bumper
*Shrockworks Rear Bumper
*Calmini Oil Pan Skid
*NXRocks T-Case Skid
*NXRocks Gas Tank Skid
*BTF Rear Diff Cover

*Superchips Cortex on 91 Performance Tune
*Volant CAI
*Flowmaster 40 Series
*Custom "Y" Pipe

Gear and Other Equipment:
*Two 20' tow straps
*One 30' tow strap
*ARB Snatch Block
*ARB Snatch Strap
*ARB Tree Saver
*Air Compressor

The day I brought it home

Titan Swapped 03/23/2011


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Got home from deployment 24hrs far:
Factory Fog kit installed as of yesterday
Subs installed
Fosgate 1000w Amp wired in.
Scan Gauge II plugged in.

Waiting for better weather to put the Shrock sliders on.

Still waiting for the Shrock bumper to show up. Coilovers are due in by next Friday. I'll post pics later.

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Here's a pic of the sliders (finally)

And some pics of the NFabworks Utilitrac Spare Tire Carrier

Still waiting on my Shrock bumper and Radflos. Once those come in (hopefully no later than mid next week) I can get the bumper, winch, PIAAs, UCAs, Coilovers, AAL and M226 in!

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Looks great, you bringing the rear end up anymore?

Looks like you could also squeeze some bigger meats in there now too:)

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I brought the front down about 3 inches, and I have 3 inch AALs for the rear. They will be going on when I put the M226 on. It will level it out...hopefully.

I'm still thinking about 35s but I really don't want to run those with the R180, and I won't be doing a diff swap for quite sometime after all these parts that I've added.

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Thought about getting some spacers to push the wheels out a bit to give the truck a bit of a wider stance? Or are there strict laws where you live about having tires stick out past the fenders?

They may stick out already some, can't tell a whole lot from the last set of pictures so if they do just ignore what I said. Truck looks good either way :)
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