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Frontier vs. Titan

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I need your experience towing trailers here. I am looking to buy a new truck (have a '99 Toyota Tacoma now). I want to pull a 22-24 ft trailer (about 4K lbs) PLUS have my 500lbs Yamaha FZ1000 sportbike in the back. Can the Fronty do it without committing suicide or do I just have to suck up the pain and buy the big boy Titan???

Your experiences/thoughts would be very welcomed!

Thanks guys/gals!

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Arocketgal said:
I need your experience towing trailers here.

I drive an 05 fronty, my hubby drives 04 Titan, the fronty has no tranny cooler, no tranny temp gauge, and no big tow mirrors. Fronty 6k capacity vs 9k Titan. 4k towing might push fronty to near limit. The Titan Big Tow package has gearing for towing, it has a tow mode that keeps it from seaching for gears. We tow a 4k boat and trailer behind the beast(Titan), you can't even tell you are towing anything! We haven't towed it behind fronty yet.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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