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Frontier vs. Titan

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I need your experience towing trailers here. I am looking to buy a new truck (have a '99 Toyota Tacoma now). I want to pull a 22-24 ft trailer (about 4K lbs) PLUS have my 500lbs Yamaha FZ1000 sportbike in the back. Can the Fronty do it without committing suicide or do I just have to suck up the pain and buy the big boy Titan???

Your experiences/thoughts would be very welcomed!

Thanks guys/gals!

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Frontier V6 auto - 6,300lbs
Frontier V6 6spd - 6,500lbs

the edmunds test showed that the Frontier can pull a 5000lb trailer up a 20 mile mtn pass with power to spare and little to no movement on the temp gauge

and you can still fit it in the garage :lol:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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