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Hello everyone!
New to the forum, not so new to car modifications, with a new-to-me-pathfinder!

I ended up on this forum seeking guidance from pros :)

I am trying to install tow-hooks on my 2012 R51 Pathfinder (this is post face-lift) and was recommended that Frontier parts (and even xterra parts) may fit the Pathfinder....but I am not sure to which extent. I did some research and as far as I could tell, anything basically from front seats forward is interchangeable....however, certain things like headlights, are not?
Link to the forum, but from 2011

I am curious because there seems to be a lot more aftermarket options for both, xterra and frontier, but not so much for pathfinder. Curious if I can mix and match.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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