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Frontier Spartan Locker

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Ok, somebody please educate me on what this thing does and the benefits too it.
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Living With That On The Street Then Using Off Road Looks Like A Lesson In Breakage To Me...lotys Of Ratcheting On Turns On The Street Is Gonna Wear Out A Non Selectible Locker...i Could Be Wrong But We Already Have Issue With The Factory E Locker Off Road And It Locks Very Similar. When Your On Obsticles And Load It, When It Pops It Opens And Then Starts Breaking Pieces, I Thought Mine Went Out Again In Moab, And A Xterra Did Break His
yes but thats cheap compared to a detroit, and you dont get the ring carrier or beefieness(a roast beef word? :) ) of the whole assembly as a unit. That looks like a mini spool and I dont like those either due to the same statments above. I know people have used them drag racing and welded spiders. most all end up breaking them. Just saying I would not go the what looks like a "poor mans locker" route. And yes the ratchet part LOOKS similar, but IMO the small case design does not equal strength like a full sized locker...But hey, someone buy it and install then wheel it a do a field report after youve used it for awhile. I know alot of people that havent broken the e lock in the Nismo's, but then I have and others have. So until people use it(for non mall crawlers) and numbers are out there, Ill would stick with the proven alternatives. Hell I used my e locker more in Moab 2 weeks ago than the last 3 years since I broke it the first time, and other than the occassional refusal to unlock, worked fine. Still dont trust it though
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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