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I've been waiting 3 months for a parking pawl replacement. I made a cross-country trip to Oregon and hit the dealer in Eugene (Kendall...awesome service on several occasions) for an oil change. I inquired about the firmware update for the transmission being performed while I waited for my home dealer to get the parts to fix the pawl and was told they can't perform the firmware update without performing the pawl replacement.
Looking at replies here, it seems this is NOT the case. Having made another cross-country trip, I'm telling you...this cruise control is driving me crazy.
Has anyone else been told a transmission firmware update can't be performed with first having the pawl replaced (if you have both recalls) ?

So amazingly annoying. I have a ticket opened with Nissan, but I think it's moot.
The update is for pawl. They will do zero diag or attempt fixes related to CC if doing recall.

You can try your luck about the recall update fixing things but results are mixed.
541 - 543 of 543 Posts