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Might as well start this...I ordered/am ordering the parts before the truck. Truck should be finished around May-June 2020.
no, it's not a daily driver

Thanks to Michael @CJD Racing for answering all my questions quickly, and giving advice. His customer service was ridiculously good.


Fiberwerx fenders

Titan Long Travel Kit
-CJD Racing 3"+ boxed uppers
-CJD Racing 3"+ boxed lowers
-CJD Racing 3"+ extended heim outers
-Extended brake lines

Shock Hoop

Radflo 2.5" diameter 10" travel coilover with remote reservoir
*Compression adjusters for 2.5 shocks (pair)
*Eibach spring for 2.5 coilover

Radflo Off-Road 2.5" Bypass Shock, 2 Tube, Piggy Back Reservoir, 7/8" Shaft (X2). 16"

Radflo 2.0″ Hydraulic Bump Stops Pin Mount (X2)

Adjustable Cam Bolts (X2)

Lt Underleaf Kit :
1 pair custom Deaver leaf springs
2 pair CJD 12" shackles
2 pair rear relocating brackets with bushings
1 pair bash plates
1 pair leaf spring axle mounts
Grade 8 hardware

To Be Ordered

M205 front diff and CJD axles
Tires and Wheels
Bed Stiffeners
Engine bay reinforcements
Skid plates, bumpers, etc.
Extended mudflaps (California thing)
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