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Looking at buying a used Pathfinder for a new driver. What are the similarities between the two models for years 2005 - 2012. The Pathfinder got a face lift in '13, so I am specifically looking at 2010 thru 2012 models.
Was the Pathfinder also subject to the failed radiator/tranny cooler resulting in strawberry milkshake fluid failure?
Other issues...?

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Yes, my brothers 06 and my 07 Pathfinders both had the radiator/trans failure and timing chain guide issues.

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The 05-10 models were prone to the radiator cooler failures, fuel sending unit failures and many had the upper timing chain issues. U-joints are also common. 2011 and 2012 are the best years to buy, as most of the "bugs" were finally worked out by then. LE trim models received the AUTO mode transfer case, which uses a wet clutch and is similar in function to GM's SmarTrak II system. R51's tend to have weak rear springs and can be corrected by replacing with Moog replacement springs and/or installing AirLift 1000 air bags, which are a must for towing. As mentioned, the front suspension is similar as well as the VQ40DE engine, however, a 5.6L-V8 option was available on 2008 and later models.
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