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Hey there guys and "Guten Tag"

I am a proud owner of a 06' Frontier Nismo Crew Cab Short Bed since Feb 2016. Not very much to tell about me - i am 28 years old an i live near Hamburg, Germany.
I have read quite a few threads here, which helped me with buying decisions for catalytic converters, full catback exhaust System and lift kits.

As i mentioned - my Frontier is a Blue 06' Nismo Crew Cab Short Bed. I bought it off a Dealer in South Germany who got it from a big Dealership which buys Cars from Soldiers based in Germany who leave their
cars behind when they go back to the USA.

It`s in pretty good shape for ist age. The Interior Looks like new and from what the underbody and bed look like i can pretty easily say this car has never seen any rocks or even muddy roads.

i got the frontier with a mileage of 80 000.
Since i bought it i did some Service on it:

-added a tranny fluid cooler to seperate from the big oil and tranny fluid cooler to prevent Milkshake :)
-full tranny flush at 90 000 with liqui moly atf 1200 full synthetic - fluid still looked nearly new before the flush so i think it was a good idea since there was nearly no wear or metal pieces visible...
- normal Service stuff - oil and filter Change, cabin filter change - coolant flush still to come
- replaced the belt pulley to get rid of squeeling

Parts added / replaced:

- Rough Country Suspension lift kit 2.5" (from eBay)
- 1.18" Wheel spacers (from eibach, a german Producer)
- 2 new magnaflow front catalytic converters (from ebay) since one was broken down - threw a p0240 on me. Code was gone since the replacement
- full catback Banks Monster exhaust System from
- set of race-only b-pipes from - which i have some Problems with. i will open a new thread for that if i don`t find anything about that here.

still to add:

- some bf goodrich at/2 tires on the stock rims which i want to get powdercoated in dark Grey or black
- full car wrapping (3m matte dark Navy)
- pioneer avic f88dab Stereo
- some "hella" led lights on the grill or on the Roof

pics still to come. i will add them tomorrow!

i like this Forum very much, nice answers, Infos and builds here! i am looking Forward to post useful stuff and stupid questions ::grin::

have nice evening guys (it`s 9pm here so yeah :D ) and "auf wiedersehen" ::wink::
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