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Hey all.

Former owner of a '92 4wd Frontier >200K miles - man I miss that truck - electric/power NOTHING - still had to go out and lock the front wheels for 4wd...never had a problem with that truck...bought it used...mechanically it was a TANK...body rusted away to nothing.:frown:

So I'm a Frontier owner again.

Bought a 2006 SE 4X4 with a standard 6 speed with a straight 6 and 173K miles - body is like new because it had hit a deer.

and I've had some problems but I'm adapting

My question is for all of you wise and there a decent warranty company out there to buy an extended warranty for some major needs? needs a new cat converter...and I've already replaced the clutch.

My old frontier and every vehicle I've ever owned (and I grew up on a farm) - had/has a clutch - and the mechanic claimed the clutch went cuz I was riding the clutch - nope!

So second question - anyone else have issues with standard trans / clutch on the frontier? I never did on my '92.

thanks to all in advance

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas / etc. etc. etc.

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Welcome to the forums. I replaced my 6 sped clutch at about 80,000 miles .... but it gets quite of bit a serious off-roading
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