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Frontier Moonroof open issue

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So my moonroof was doing the whole closing and stopping every 3 seconds thing today, but it wouldn't close AT ALL... it would get to the point where it would slide all the way closed, but wouldn't go up to seal the back end with the roof... I tried the whole reset sunroof thing to no avail... :(

so i tried closing it again, and this time it closed all the way!
and now this is what happens when I click the open button

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1. Using the UP/CLOSE switch, move the sunroof toward the tilt position until it stops.
2. Release the UP/CLOSE switch.
3. Press the UP/CLOSE switch again and continuously hold. The sunroof will begin to move in about 10 seconds.
4. Continue to hold the UP/CLOSE switch while the sunroof moves in a jogging motion to the full tilt position.
When the sunroof reaches the full tilt position, it will back up a few millimeters and stop.
5. Release the UP/CLOSE switch.
6. Within 5 seconds of releasing the UP/CLOSE switch, press and hold the UP/CLOSE switch again. The
sunroof will move to the full open position and back to the closed position.
If the UP/CLOSE switch is released anytime during this teaching process, all learned profile data will be discarded
and the procedure will have to be started over.
7. Release the UP/CLOSE switch. Do not disconnect power for at least two seconds. The sunroof is now retaught.
that fixed it, but now it makes a clunking noise like its hitting something at the end... ill make another video to illustrate it tommorow :/
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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