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Frontier in AL

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Bought an 05 2X4 in March 2009
Black and tan with 45K miles on it. 75K Platinum extended warranty!
Not too clean but workable. Rather have 4X4!
All stock.

Looking for a double-din head unit with satellite and iPhone ability.
Looking for tan bottom seat cover for drivers side.
Looking for Black rear bumper.

I'm in Huntsville, AL.
Rolling this baby 80-95 MPH each day on I565. Sucking up 16.5 MPGs. Could of bought a V8.

The wife want let me sell this one and get one of the new 2009 PRO4Xs. She wants a new SUV! Maybe I should stop working and nobody will get anything...:nana:

Anyway, see you around
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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