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Frontier Exhaust Systems

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From reading all the new Frontier forums, I've learned that there are only 2 companies thus far that have an exhasut system already out in the market, and 1 more with one in production.

We have all heard about the Banks exhaust being a good system, but many saying they lose a lot of low-end power. But, I haven't heard any complaints about the Gibson exhaust system, whose website specifically states: "Our best performing exhaust system produces maximum torque and horsepower gains at low-end (1800 to 3000 RPMS ) with a deep aggressive tone."

Is there anyone on here that has this exhaust and has similar problems to the Banks? I know there is a user reverendbiker who loves this exhaust, but I know of no one else who owns this.
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Sweet, thanks for the info. Yah, I know the rev loves his exhaust. I read his reviews top to bottom on his site. I didn't know about the Magnaflow or Stillen.

Looks like the Magnaflow system is similar to the Banks w/ the 3". Funny 'cause they are using 2.5" w/ the I-4 2.5L engine. I actually been on the Stillen website but only saw a system for the Titan. Maybe you saw something I didn't? And with what I've heard about the JBA system, I think I'll wait it out for that system. Sounds like they did some homework.
DOH!!! I was searching under 2006. Didn't think it would make a difference. Now I know. Thanks!!!
So you don't have a Gibson on your 2005 Frontier yet, do you?
Awesome!! It sounds like it will be a toss-up between the Gibson and the JBA, if JBA gets their product right. . .
Ha! I know. Who isn't waiting for the JBA review??
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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