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From reading all the new Frontier forums, I've learned that there are only 2 companies thus far that have an exhasut system already out in the market, and 1 more with one in production.

We have all heard about the Banks exhaust being a good system, but many saying they lose a lot of low-end power. But, I haven't heard any complaints about the Gibson exhaust system, whose website specifically states: "Our best performing exhaust system produces maximum torque and horsepower gains at low-end (1800 to 3000 RPMS ) with a deep aggressive tone."

Is there anyone on here that has this exhaust and has similar problems to the Banks? I know there is a user reverendbiker who loves this exhaust, but I know of no one else who owns this.
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I had a Gibson system on my 99 F-150 and loved it! I put the Bank's on my Frontier and removed it 2 months later! Don't get me wrong, i's a very well made system, but it was too loud for my taste! I also felt a loss of low-end torque with it. JBA is coming out with a new system that uses the stock pipe sizes with a free flowing 'Y' and muffler. I'm waiting to hear some comments on this system before taking another plunge into aftermarket exhaust! Another member of these forums (don't recal which) was told by a performance exhaust shop that 3" pipes are too big for this engine. He was also told the drone that was so loud with the Banks system was partially due to that large of a pipe! The MagnaFlow site also lists maximum pipe size per cubic inches of engine displacement, and that chart showes 2.25 to 2.5 as the maximum size for these 4.0L V6's. The Gibson system has a resonator built into it's design, and their muffler is not straight through like the Banks, so it probably retains a certain amount of back pressure necessay yo maintain low end torque. There are several members on this and other sites with the Gibson system, and I've not seen any complaints at all! No negative comments about loss of low end or excess noise. I don't know the size of the pipe from the CATS to the 'Y' on the gibson, but it's advertised as a 3" system. The Rev or others who have it may want to comment on the pipe size. But I do know the Resonator really cuts down on the noise in the cab! MagnaFlow and Stillen also have systems on the market for our trucks, but both the MagnaFlow and Stillen require you to cut the stock system before the muffler and had a new muffler and tail pipe, but retain the stock restrictive 'Y' pipe! Hope this helps...
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gfronty05 said:
I had the banks on my truck and it was too too loud for my taste. I actually just took it off and sold it.
Damn, that thing is sure making the rounds! :wink:
I'm going to give the new JBA exhaust a try, are you going to try another exhaust system or keep it stock for a while?
The one thing I'm concerned about with the JBA system is the lack of a resonator! Even the stock exhaust has a resonator, although it's after the muffler, not before it. The system they make for the Titan appears to have two resonators, one in each pipe from the CAT to the Y. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
gfronty05 said:
Well hopefully sinces its a 2.5 system it wont really need the resonator if they get a good muffler. Im leaning towards the gibson because of the resonator.
I found out the JBA system is actually 2" pipe from the CAt to the Y and then 2.5" after that, but then the stock system is 2" pipe from the CAT to the Y and 2.25" from there back, and it still has a resonator! One comment the guy at JBA made to me was they wre wanting to get rid of the buzz that is inhehent in V6 engines, so maybe if the muffler alone won't do it they will add a resonator. I guess time will tell...
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