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Frontier Exhaust Systems

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From reading all the new Frontier forums, I've learned that there are only 2 companies thus far that have an exhasut system already out in the market, and 1 more with one in production.

We have all heard about the Banks exhaust being a good system, but many saying they lose a lot of low-end power. But, I haven't heard any complaints about the Gibson exhaust system, whose website specifically states: "Our best performing exhaust system produces maximum torque and horsepower gains at low-end (1800 to 3000 RPMS ) with a deep aggressive tone."

Is there anyone on here that has this exhaust and has similar problems to the Banks? I know there is a user reverendbiker who loves this exhaust, but I know of no one else who owns this.
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Banks is just fine...

I put the Banks on about 8 weeks ago and it is great. A little growl at start up and only when stepping on the gas. Not noticeable anymore in the cabin. It is awesome loud. AND THERE IS NO LOSS ON THE LOW END EITHER. It actually has better pull with the trailer on the low end then before. So I would only make the decision based on whether the system is a full and not just at the Y pipe back and on the sound. Nothing less. Later.
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