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Frontier CC & Long bed (?)

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Hey guys, new to the forum. Well I don't own a Frontier, but my bro-in-law does (2nd gen), and he luvs the new Frontier. Luvs the look, the room, but more then anything the power & 6 speed trany. There's only one thing holding him back from purchasing a new 05, will it ever come in a long bed. For some reason, he has to have in a long bed, currently his 02 is a CC with a long bed, and wont accept anything else. So, does any one know if Nissan is planning on release a long bed version of this truck?

Thanks ahead! :D
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I personally dont like the Crew Cab Long bed look. Now I said 'I". I dont want to get flamed by anyone my first day on the board. The new Frontier is pretty hot though. Maybe next year.
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