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Frontier 2010 king cab 6 speed manual

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I want to know if the frontier 2010 with 6 speed manual is good in passing ability? the cluth pedal is soft? hydraulic? there noisey in the transmission?
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The actual throttle reacts very close to the pedal according to the datalogs I have taken. Using them, I see the throttle is down to idle position within about .05 of a second of the actual pedal being at idle position.
I know when my truck was still new I could feel/hear what you guys are talking about, but the two things that stopped that issue was mainly getting rid of the factory intake system with all its funky baffles and also getting tuned. I think the intake is the main culprit. My custom tune finished any of it left.
Back on subject, I think we have great transmissions. I love my 6spd. However, it can get a little noisy when driven hard. Suppose to be normal though according to Nissan and the Z guys on their forum.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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