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Frontier 2010 king cab 6 speed manual

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I want to know if the frontier 2010 with 6 speed manual is good in passing ability? the cluth pedal is soft? hydraulic? there noisey in the transmission?
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My only gripe is the engine likes to hang the revs between shifts, which makes being smooth a somewhat elusive task. This seems to be a trend in most modern manuals though....
Drives me crazy too. I've learned to minimize it in this truck by changing the way I shift. I don't get the revving when I: 1) only press the clutch pedal in partway, and 2) kinda move the shifter and press the clutch simultaneously (rather than pressing in the clutch and THEN moving the shifter, which is how most of us are taught to do it). I can't shift like this in my '05 Vibe or I get that lovely gear-grinding sound, but the Fronty seems happier.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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