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Frontier 2010 king cab 6 speed manual

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I want to know if the frontier 2010 with 6 speed manual is good in passing ability? the cluth pedal is soft? hydraulic? there noisey in the transmission?
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I love my 6 speed. Plenty of pull in 1st ~ 4th. I don't really hear my transmission but I usually try to drive without going over 2.5k. Clutch is moderate, easy to get used to, not too high up. I think its hydro but i'm not sure. Best thing to do is go test drive one. I drove a 2010 Toyota V6 auto, Nissan KC auto, and KC 6MT. I ended up buying the 6MT and haven't regretted it since. My last car was an 07 WRX though... so i like the control of the 6 speed and it honestly felt the quickest of the 3.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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