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Username: DragonX
Year: 2006
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Arctic white
Mods: lots
Interior: full 2" BITD legal roll cage, Corbeau bucket racing seats. Gutted -more to come
Exterior: Frontier grill, headlights and fiberworks front 4" bulge fenders
Drivetrain: Titan width Currie 9"
Suspension & Tires:
front-BTF-Fab 5" over race kit with 2.5 10" radflo coilover(500/700) dual spring rate and 3.0 10" 3 bypass Radflo remote Res.
Rear- 3.0 18" 5 bypass piggyback Radflo with custom Alcan leaf pack. 3 link
Armor: hefty Fab skids
Performance: Doug thorley headers plannned Uprev custom tune, custom built in cab intake.
Gear and Other: Jaz 30 gal fuel cell,
In Progress: Fuel cell install, Roll cage, rear suspension. Front suspension. Etc

Truck right before stripping
Cage prep Stripping interior
Cage taking some shape
Rear shocks
Rear end cut out and getting measured up for fuel cell and rear cage area


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Looking good,Dan!
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